Get $Green for Good! The CCX is a web-based platform that empowers individuals through the trading of personal carbon offsets.

We are a diverse, and growing, tribe of tree huggers and earth lovers, who are looking for partners all around the world to help us with empowering people to be proactive in the task of limiting climate change.  There is an old African saying that goes, “If you wish to go fast, go alone.  If you wish to go far, go together.”

Photo by Jeff Danielson
Photo by Jeff Danielson


A carbon offset is a reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases made in order to compensate for or to offset an emission made elsewhere.

Our planet friendly financial incentive program looks at the everyday activities that people perform in the areas of transportation, meal/food consumption, and utility consumption.  We measure these activities against a baseline average for an individual in the same community.  If a person comes in under the baseline average, we consider this as carbon that is saved from going up into the atmosphere.  We then monetize that saved carbon or offset by applying a market rate for the price of carbon and then we sell it into the local marketplace.  The purchaser could be a local business, institution, or even individual who wishes to mitigate their own carbon impact through the purchase of these individual offsets.  Upon a sale, a dividend is sent back to the offset creator or generator, and then the purchaser then takes possession of that offset as they move toward carbon neutrality.  All transactions are recorded in a transparent database.  One may think of the system as a sort of Cap & Trade for the People.

Following these transactions, we then celebrate the participants achievements through the offer of other consumer based rewards coming from the purchaser side of the exchange.  For example, this could be a two-for-one dining, a ten percent off shopping, or a free ticket to an event. We, also, provide tools such that participants may share their achievements within their social circle.

Our bottom up approach is intended to become a social movement that will provide a voice and empower individuals to create the future that they wish to see.

These might seem like small things, but they all add up!  When you sell your sustainable offset with our (your) partners, we also provide tools to celebrate your achievement and incentivize you to do even more!  Living and thinking sustain-ably is like anything.  The more one does it, the easier it gets.  And, you get to be a climate hero in the process.  How Cool!

So, thanks for joining us.  And, as they say, “Many hands make light work.” Together, we can secure a sustainable future for everyone.  Good for $Green.  People Power for the Planet!